About SafeTravels

With our unique culture and experienced team, SafeTravels  delivers custom roadside assistance solutions for all vehicle types.   

How we
are different

SafeTravels’ core values are rooted in excellent customer service. In an industry that has become increasingly hands off, SafeTravels continues to provide white glove service, while taking advantage of our proprietary technology to provide the most efficient solutions available.

The SafeTravels dispatch system also helps our team to identify additional resources to assist members who experience complex logistical challenges while traveling with RV’s/travel trailers and livestock trailers.

In addition to a complete network of independent service providers, we work to identify local resources such as RV parks and campgrounds, specialized repair facilities, stables, farms, veterinarians, farriers, and other resources to assist.

Our Leadership

Tom Winsor

Chief Executive Officer

Tom has 30 years of experience starting, buying, and integrating businesses into existing platform operations. Included in these ventures are acquisition and launch of five different roadside assistance programs. Tom brings his focus on providing best in class
service for specialty programs to the leadership of SafeTravels.  

Dino Theofanous

Chief Financial Officer

Dino brings an extensive background to the financial management for SafeTravels. From recent experience overseeing service-related recurring revenue businesses, to over fifteen years of financial due diligence and Big 4 public accounting, Dino was a key part of the launch of SafeTravels Motor Club.    

Bill Riss

VP of Business Development

Bill Riss was part of the original team that built SafeTravels Motor Club. With over 13 years of experience in the Roadside Assistance industry, Bill’s background with B2C roadside programs was a valuable part of building a motor club that addresses the B2B client’s needs and provides a service level that helps drive partner growth.

John Moore

Director of Roadside Operations

With over 30 years of industry experience, John was the architect of SafeTravels’ proprietary dispatch system and the extensive SafeTravels provider network. John’s dedication to creating white glove client solutions and his understanding of provider relationships are the key drivers of SafeTravels’ best-in-class roadside assistance solutions.

Karrington McCarty

Dispatch Center Manager

With over 14 years industry experience, Karrington brings passion, love of people and dedication to the training and management of our dispatch team. With extensive experience handling specialty programs, Karrington is excels at onboarding new custom programs for a diverse range of clients. 

Camille Thompson

Regional Field Manager

Over 30 years of managerial and logistics expertise.  Works to build mutually beneficial relationships with our logistics partners to deliver unparalleled service results.

Kristopher Moore

Network Manager

15 years industry experience working with towing and transport professionals, identifying and contracting for effective dispatching and the logistical needs of specialty clients.

Luke McCarty

Regional Insurance Sales

13 years’ experience in insurance company and dealer roadside assistance sales. Luke’s creativity and attention to clients’ needs make him a great ally to our partners, from basic auto service to custom solutions for specialty
high touch clients.  

Laura Rogers

Dealer Sales Director​

Laura is a seasoned sales professional with a proven track record in the RV industry. With over 15 years of experience in RV sales and customer service, Laura is dedicated to building strong relationships with RV dealerships, manufacturers, and other industry partners. Her expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of RV enthusiasts and tailoring our roadside assistance programs to meet those needs. 

Shane Griffis

National Insurance Sales Director

Shane brings 25 years of experience of providing roadside assistance and warranty product solutions to the SafeTravels team. With extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and understanding of client needs, Shane is the ultimate resource to help drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction for our insurance partners.